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Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her - Purple

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She had discovered the perfect present for both her and her lover. She slipped the crotchless panty thrill-her out of its package and admired the gorgeous purple hue of the panty. She knew from talking with her friends that most women needed to have some clitoral stimulation in order to have an earth-shattering orgasm. And she also knew that this panty was going to allow her to enjoy pleasing vibration during sex play with her lover – and that she was ready for her orgasms to be monumental.

She slid the purple panty up her legs. The see-through material was incredible sexy and it felt sensuous against her bare skin. She liked the extra details like the decorative panty straps that made this panty fit better than her expensive lingerie and made her look even more seductive. The panty was slit in the crotch so that her soft lips and vagina would be easily accessible. Ah, she admired her favorite panty accessory, the miniature massager, and placed it securely inside her panty’s secret inner pocket. It fit like a glove.

The wireless remote control fit comfortably in the palm of her hand. Perhaps she should see how it worked. Now. Before she met her lover. She pressed the power button and turned on the vibration. Ahhhh, the sensual stimulation was more intense and fulfilling then she had hoped. The quiet motor happily buzzed against her sensitive clit. She could feel warmth rushing between her legs as all her intimate senses began to awaken.

She pressed the remote again and again and became more and more excited as the vibrations tickled her clit. Her lips started to swell with pleasure. She could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter as her body responded to her thrill-her. She gasped as she felt her orgasm building. Her gasp turned to a moan as a powerful orgasm shook her entire body. Slowly she became aware that her body was relaxing, completely tranquil and sensuously satisfied. Oh yes, her lover would appreciate this new gift. She found herself smiling as she daydreamed about wearing her crotchless panty thrill-her during their very next sex play session. Wonderfully, her orgasms would never be the same again.

It’s all about Her.

Panties fit most waists from...
US: 30"-42" (sizes 4-16)
EU: 76 cm-107 cm (sizes 36-46)

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