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Warranty and rights of deal canceling


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Warranty Terms

1All of the goods purchased on the Sexus online store are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

2You will find information about the manufacturer's warranty period in the product description, or inquire Sexus customer advisor about it.

5The terms of the manufacturer's warranty apply if you can provide:
- a proof of purchase (check, bill of lading);
- warranty voucher;
- manufacturer's or distributor's warranty card (in case the manufacturer or distributor has included it in the package);

6Prior to delivering the device for repairs, please ensure the safety of your data. Warranty service centers do not guarantee data retention, so be sure to back up your data.

7In the event that the warranty service is invalid, but the customer refuses to pay for repairs, the customer must cover the diagnostics costs and the customer receives the service center's conclusion for the damage detected. If the customer agrees to pay for the repairs, then the diagnostics is considered free of charge.

Warranty conditions do not apply to the item's accessories!
Device batteries, power adapters, cooling systems, and accessories included - headphones, remote controls, data transfer cables (USB), charging devices, etc. For natural wear and tear during operation, there is a limited warranty of 6 months or a warranty which lasts for certain service life cycles.


1The damage was caused due to the fault of the buyer/user (e.g. scratched, broken structures, cracked screen, water poured into unplanned areas, inappropriate maintenance products used , if foreign objects are found inside the appliance, insects are allowed to enter inside the appliance or any other traces, which indicates that the product is being used incorrectly);

2The items warranty seals, serial number have been damaged;

3The product has not been used for its intended purpose and has not been operated as indicated in the user manual;

4If the damage is due to the non-compliance of the power supply voltage, telecommunications, cable networks to the standards set by the manufacturer, due to rapid fluctuations in temperature, and due to other household and external factors (soot, smoke, dust, moisture, shock, scratches);

5If unprofessional repair marks are detectible in the product;

6In case of normal depreciation of components;

7If you have used non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts, as well as supplies (cartridges, toners, etc.) not certified by the manufacturer for use with the specified item, and if this has caused damage to this product;

8The product has been used for production or professional purposes (if the item is not intended for such purposes);

9The warranty is invalid if damage occurs due to incorrect transportation.
Warranty conditions do not apply to the item's accessories!
Device batteries, power adapters, cooling systems, and accessories included - headphones, remote controls, data transfer cables (USB), charging devices, etc. For natural wear and tear during operation, there is a limited warranty of 6 months or a warranty which lasts for certain service life cycles.

How to return a purchase?


Please inform us of your decision to opt out. Precisely elaborate as to why, and send us an e-mail.


We ask you to return the item in the original package and complete with all its accessories and components.


Add a proof of purchase


Deliver the item to our office or mail it to Kengaraga Street 2b, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063.


We will give you a refund once the goods are examined.

Right of withdrawal

1 You can use the right of withdrawal and return the item within 14 calendar days from the time you acquired the goods without mentioning the reason for returning them.

2 To use the right of withdrawal, you must inform the VS PRO Ltd., registered address: Kengaraga street 2b, Riga, with a clear statement using the application form of the use of the right of withdrawal to be found on (for example, by mail or e-mail). , LV-1063, phone: +371 66066555, e-mail: about the decision to refuse the purchase. If the time limit for the right of withdrawal is met, it will be sufficient for you to send your notice of withdrawal before expiry of the right of withdrawal.

3 The exercise of the right of withdrawal will expire after 14 days from the date you or a third party which is not the carrier, and which you have specified, has gained possession of the goods. To avoid confusion, at the time of receiving the item, make sure it fully complies with the order, manufacturer, model, color, size and other relevant parameters.

4 If you waive this agreement, SIA VS PRO will reimburse you all payments received from you under the specific distance contract, including delivery costs (except for the extra costs incurred because you have chosen a delivery method that is not our cheapest standard delivery method), no later than within 14 days from the date when SIA VS PRO was informed about your decision to withdraw from this agreement. SIA VS PRO may withhold the money to be refunded until VS PRO has received returned goods sent by the consumer.

5 When exercising the right of withdrawal you are obliged to cover the direct costs of returning the goods, except when VS PRO Ltd. has agreed to cover these costs. The maximum cost of returning the item can be estimated at approximately 60 EUR(depending on the type and weight of the item) or according to the costs indicated by Latvijas Pasts or other courier service provider.

6 Remember to ensure that your item is packaged so that it can not be damaged during transport. In order to avoid misunderstanding, we recommend that you insure the item when returning it, otherwise you will be liable for any damage done to the item.

7 If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, remember that you are solely liable for the depreciation of goods if the goods are used beyond the purpose of determining the nature, characteristics and operation of these goods but for other purposes. Therefore, it should be taken into account that during the term of exercise of the right of withdrawal you have the right to use the item to the extent that is necessary for examination of the item (as much as it can be done before the purchase of such an item in a regular store). By using the right of withdrawal, you are liable for the use of the product beyond the intended purpose of it, the use of the product during the term of exercise of the right of withdrawal, which is incompatible with the principle of good faith, and the reduction of the value, quality and safety of the item.

8 For legal entities other than the Consumer, there is no legal right to return the item within 14 days.
SIA VS PRO draws attention to the fact that upon discovery of a loss of value of the returned goods, it may apply to the court with a claim against the Consumer for reimbursing losses incurred by SIA VS PRO resulting from the actions of the Consumer.

In which cases can you not exercise the right of withdrawal?

Paragraph 22 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 255 of 20 May 2014 "Provisions on a distance contract" stipulates that the consumer can not exercise the right of withdrawal if:

1 The price of a goods or service depends on fluctuations in the financial market, which can not be influenced by the seller or service provider and which may occur during the term of the right of withdrawal;

2 The product is made according to the instructions of the consumer or if the product is clearly personalized (For example: installation and activation of the operating system on a computer, laptop or tablet);

3 The product is perishable or nearing its’ expiry date

4 The consumer has opened the packaging of a product that can not be returned for health and hygiene reasons (items such as electric tooth brush, epilator, electric razor, beard / hair trimmer, electric hair clippers, hair straighteners, manicure and pedicure accessories, lingerie, socks and tights, perfumes, cosmetic products, earplugs for earphones, breast milk pumps, bio toilets, household chemicals and other similar products);

5 Because of its properties, after delivery, it is irreversibly mixed with other things;

6 If you have called for urgent repairs or maintenance, then the right of withdrawal applies only to additional services or goods that are not the necessary spare parts for the intended repairs or maintenance work;

7 The consumer has opened an audio or video record or a software package;

8 A contract that is concluded for the supply of digital content which is not supplied on a durable medium, provided that the delivery of the digital content is commenced with the express consent of the consumer and the confirmation of the loss of the right of withdrawal;

Dispute resolution

You must submit a complaint about the availability or quality of the goods either online by sending it to the e-mail address or by writing to SIA VS-PRO Ltd, Ķengaraga iela 2b, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063. The complaint will be addressed within 7 business days from receipt of the complaint by sending a reply to the contact address indicated in the complaint.
If the complaint is found to be unfounded and you do not consent to the recognition of the complaint as unfounded, you have the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options specified in regulatory enactments by submitting a written application to the seller of the goods in question about the resolution of the out-of-court dispute, indicating:

- Name, surname, contact information;
- Date of submission of the application;
- The nature of the dispute, the claim and the grounds on which it is based.

Information on out-of-court dispute resolution and out-of-court dispute resolution services and professionals

Additional services

Purchase document recovery - 10 €

Delivery of warranty case goods (up to 10 kg) – 10 €

Storing warranty case item longer than 7 days (price for every additional day) – 1€